🎹Start the 4-key Rhythm Game

If you have experience with similar music games, DEBEATS will make you feel familiar. No need to worry, if you're new to this type of game. You will know how to play the rhythm game in DEBEATS after this chapter.

Select a Song and Beatmap to play

Before you start, you need to select a song and a beatmap to play.

  • Press “SONGS” in the main menu

  • Choose a song you want to play and press “SELECT”

  • Choose a beatmap and press “SELECT”

  • Press “PLAY” in the main menu to start the game

Start the 4-Key Rhythm Game

The 4-key mode in DEBEATS simply involves two actions: Press and Hold.

  • Press the corresponding keys the moment falling notes hit the judge line.

  • Hold the corresponding keys while falling hold notes hit the judge line until hold notes passed.

In addition, higher scores can be achieved by playing more accurately and getting more combos.

JudgmentDeviation(ms)Score rate





>40, ≤80



>80, ≤160





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