What is DEBEATS?

DEBEATS is the revolutionary decentralized music rhythm game built on Polygon. Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of musical creativity where you can collect and trade unique beatmaps. Showcase your talents and skills by syncing your moves with the rhythm! Produced by studios of Web3Games.com.

Can I play DEBEATS for free?

Yes, it can be played for free, but if you want to earn crypto, you need to equip DEBEATS headphones.

Which blockchain is DEBEATS on?

NFTs and tokens are on the Polygon blockchain.

How can I download the DEBEATS game?

For iOS players: https://apps.apple.com/app/debeats/id6444270945 For Android players: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.binatir.debeats APK is not available currently.

How can I register a Player ID?

There are two registration methods:

  1. Register and log in with your email within the game, enter the verification code received in your email, and set up your profile to finish the registration.

  2. Visit https://web3games.com/, click "Player Login" in the upper right corner, enter the verification code received in your email, and set up your profile to finish the registration.

How can I connect a wallet address?

Visit https://web3games.com/, enter your email and log in with your Player ID, click on the profile picture in the upper right corner, go to the personal page, click on "LINK WALLET" on the left, and then click "CONNECT" to confirm the wallet address binding.

What's the usage of beatmaps?

Beatmaps are divided into official beatmaps and NFT beatmaps. NFT beatmaps are purchased and can be used in the game. Compared to official beatmaps, NFT beatmaps are usually designed to be simpler, making it easier for players to achieve high scores. Buying NFT beatmaps is a good choice for players who want to earn more rewards or compete on the leaderboard. If you no longer like a beatmap, you can also withdraw it for trading on the NFT Marketplace.

Songs & Beatmaps

How can I purchase beatmaps?

There are two ways to purchase beatmaps:

  1. Purchase on the Web3Games.com Game shop: https://web3games.com/games/debeats

  2. Purchase them on the Web3Games.com Marketplace: https://web3games.com/marketplace/debeats-beatmap

What's the difference between purchasing beatmaps on the Game shop and through the Marketplace?

When purchasing beatmaps on the Game Shop, there's no need to manually send the beatmap to the game; it will automatically transfer to the game within 1-10 minutes. Beatmaps purchased on the Marketplace are listed by other players in the game, and after purchase, you need to manually send the beatmaps to the game.

How to use the purchased beatmaps in the game?

On the main menu, click on "SONGS," select the beatmap NFT you've purchased, click "Download," and choose it to use in the game.

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What's the usage of headphones?

Headphones are game items in DEBEATS. There are over 10 unique headphone styles to collect! Using headphones increases DEBEATS Point earnings and provides additional effects (buffs) offered by each headphone.

You will receive free headphones after registering and logging into the game, but these headphones do not come with any buffs, offering a small amount of earnings.

How can I purchase headphones?

You need to purchase headphone lootboxes with DEBEATS Gold in the in-game store. When unlocking lootboxes, you will receive headphones with random styles and random buff.

How to obtain DG:

  1. Through in-game Game Shop(credit card payment).

  2. Purchase with cryptocurrencies on the Web3Games Game Shop: https://web3games.com/games/debeats

How much is a headphones lootbox?

The price of a headphones lootbox is 50 DEBEATS Gold.

Are headphones NFTs? Can they be traded on the NFT Marketplace?

Headphones purchased from the Game shop are not NFTs and cannot be traded on the NFT marketplace. However, we plan to release co-branded headphone NFTs that will be tradable in the future. Stay tuned!

How can I buy $BEATS?

You can trade $BEATS Tokens on w3gswap, supported by Web3Games.com.

➡️ Trade now: https://w3gswap.com/

How can I transfer $BEATS into the game?

You can transfer $BEATS into the game on token page: https://web3games.com/games/debeats/beats

What is DEBEATS Point?

DEBEATS Points are non-withdrawable assets in DEBEATS. You can get DEBEATS Points through the Season Leaderboard/Gameplay.

Please note that DEBEATS Points will be automatically and periodically converted into BEATS Tokens.

What is the Song Case on the main menu right side, and what is its purpose? How can I unlock them?

Song cases are non-NFT items in DEBEATS. Once the upper limit point (e.g. 400/600) of any Small / Large Song Case is reached, there will be a 4-hour cooldown, then a reward will be granted upon the end of the cooldown.

Song Cases

SONG BOX - How can I obtain it, and what can I get when I open it?

Once 200 points have been collected for each Song Box, you can unlock a random song corresponding to the difficulty of the box.

How to get song box points:

  • Unlock from song cases

  • Reward from season

I find the difficulty too high and the speed too fast. Can I slow it down?

If you notice that the note speed is too fast, you can adjust it in the game's settings, accessible from the top right corner of the main menu. This will visually slow down the note-falling speed while keeping the actual difficulty unchanged.

Offset (ms) - What does it mean, and when should I use it?

OFFSET (ms) refers to adjusting the time difference between music playback and image display in the game, measured in milliseconds (ms).

You can use OFFSET when you notice that the rhythm of the music doesn't sync perfectly with the image display. By increasing or decreasing the OFFSET value, you can make the synchronization between the music and images more accurate.

Increasing the Offset will make the notes arrive at the judgment line earlier while decreasing it will make the notes arrive later.

Will stars and scores be reserved when I withdraw the NFT beatmap?

No, when the beatmap is withdrawn, the stars and scores will be clear.

Leaderboard - Where do the stars for each player come from, and what is the score behind them?

The stars on the leaderboard represent the total number of stars earned by players for each song they've played in the current season. The score displayed behind the stars represents the total score accumulated by players in their song plays.

Leaderboard - How is it ranked?

The Leaderboard is ranked based on players' scores and star levels achieved in the game. The score is calculated based on various factors such as accurate note hits, completing combos, achieving specific star ratings, and total points earned during gameplay.

How can I level up the Season grade?

You can level up the Season grade by either spending DG or $BEATS or earning Season Points by playing songs.

How can I get songs?

Currently, you can obtain songs through three methods:

  1. Purchase from the in-game shop.

  2. Play to unlock song cases to collect song points which can be used to unlock the song boxes.

  3. From season rewards.

How can I earn DEBEATS Gold, DEBEATS Points, and $BEATS? What are they used for?

DEBEATS Gold can be used in the game for :

  • Unlock headphones / Season VIP

  • Unlock songs

  • Boost season levels

DEBEATS Gold cannot be withdrawn or transferred.

Please note that DEBEATS Points will be automatically and periodically converted into BEATS Tokens.

$BEATS is not only a game item but cryptocurrency and it’s withdrawable.

It is automatically converted from DEBEATS Points and serves as a prove of players' contributions and performance in the game. BEATS token plays a pivotal role in fostering the development of the DEBEATS ecosystem.

You can trade $BEATS on w3gswap.com.

Other questions

If you have other questions, please kindly contact us at hello@debeats.com or create a ticket in discord: discord.gg/web3games.

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