Layout Guides

  1. Profile: View personal information and game data.

  2. Season: View season level and claim season rewards.

  3. News: Display the latest news and events.

  4. Song Info: Show selected song title, author, cover art, and highest historical score.

  5. Play: Start playing the selected song.

  6. Song boxes: Check the progress of the song box.

  7. Tokens bar: View balances of DEBEATS Gold/DEBEATS Point/DEBEATS Token.

  8. Settings: Menu of game settings, support, log out, and delete account.

  9. Song Case: Show song case collecting progress and claim rewards.

  10. Songs: Browse and select songs and beatmaps. View the leaderboard of every single beatmap.


  1. Daily Mission: Complete daily mission to earn rewards, resets daily at UTC 00:00.

  2. Daily Reward: Log in to claim rewards, resets daily at UTC 00:00.

  3. Game News: View the past news.


  1. Headphone Display: Display of worn headphone's style, name, rarity, buff, and level progress.

  2. Reward: Unlocked after wearing premium headphones, complete headphone tasks to earn rewards - five random songs.

  3. Collection: Choose owned headphones and wear them.


View the season leaderboard counted in stars and scores, your game data, and other players' game data.


Buy gaming item: Headphone lootbox, Season VIP, Songs(two random songs every 24 hours), DEBEATS Gold.


Speed: Notes' falling speed.

OFFSET(ms): The larger the offset value, the more advanced the beatmap (notes reach the judgment line faster).

Vibration: Turn on/off Vibration feedback

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