📱Download and Play the DEBEATS App

Download the DEBEATS Game

To get started, you need to download the DEBEATS mobile app. You can find it on both App Store and Google Play. For iOS, simply search for "DEBEATS" on the App Store, download and install the app on your iPhone or iPad.For Android devices, visit Google Play and search for "DEBEATS." Download and install the app on your Android phone or tablet.

Log in and create your player ID

To start playing DEBEATS, you need to create a player ID. The game is seamlessly integrated with Web3Games.com, making it easy to create an account.

All you need to do is register using your email address. During registration, you'll receive a verification code. Enter the code to complete your Web3Games.com profile.

Start Your First Music Rhythm Game

Once you've successfully completed the registration and logged in to DEBEATS, you'll be directed to the main menu screen. Select a song and beatmap, and click on "PLAY" to embark on your first music challenge.

During gameplay, it's crucial to hit the notes correctly in succession to maintain a combo. This will significantly boost your overall score and lead to better rewards.

If you want to know more about the scoring and gameplay, or you have no experience in playing a 4-key rhythm game, kindly check Start the 4-key Rhythm Game.

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