Why Rhythm Game?

Current Situation of Music NFT

Since we entered the blockchain game industry, we have been looking for a Web3-compatible game genre. Compared with traditional games, blockchain games grant more governance power to the community so that players can genuinely influence the game's development.

The OSU! community inspires DEBEATS.

OSU! is a very typical and well-known rhythm game consisting of gameplay and beatmap. Currently, OSU! has more than 30k players and over 24k ranked beatmaps.

In the OSU! community, players discuss gameplay and beatmap design, and most of them are both players and creators. As they continue to design new beatmap, players enrich the game. The critically acclaimed beatmaps satisfy the creators' sense of accomplishment and creativity and inspire them to keep innovating.

That's why we chose the rhythm game. We hope to bring a creator-driven rhythm game to Web3, where blockchain technology solves the ownership of assets and protects the rights and interests of creators, which will protect and boost the growth of the community.

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