🎲Learn about Game Items in DEBEATS


In DEBEATS, you can acquire game items which are assets that can help you progress faster if you use them strategically. Apart from regular in-game items, DEBEATS also offers unique NFT items. It's worth taking the time to get to know what these items are.

Items NameStyleHow to getUltilityCan be converted to

Play, Season Reward

Unlock to get song points

Collect 200 Song Points from Song Cases

Unlock to get songs

In-game Shop, Web3Games.com Game Shop, Daily Rewards

Unlock in-game contents


Play, Season Leaderboard

Be converted to BEATS TOKEN automatically

Convert from DEBEATS Points, trade from W3gSwap.com

Unlock in-game contents, Governance


Song Case

Song cases are non-NFT items in DEBEATS. Once the upper limit point (e.g. 400/600) of any Small / Large Song Case is reached, there will be a 4-hour cooldown, then a reward will be granted upon the end of the cooldown.

No cooldown applies to Special Song Cases (Easy / Normal / Hard Song Cases)

Case NamePoints to collectUnlock timeReward


4 Hours


4 Hours







Song Boxes

Once 200 points have been collected for each Song Box, you can unlock a random song corresponding to the difficulty of the box.

How to get song box points:

  • Unlock from song cases

  • Reward from season


DEBEATS Gold is a non-withdrawable asset in DEBEATS. You can get DEBEATS Gold through Shop / DEBEATS Game Shop / Daily Rewards.

DEBEATS Gold can be used in the game for :

  • Unlock headphones / Season VIP

  • Unlock songs

  • Boost season levels

DEBEATS Gold cannot be withdrawn or transferred.


DEBEATS Points are non-withdrawable assets in DEBEATS. You can get DEBEATS Points through the Season Leaderboard/Gameplay.

Please note that DEBEATS Points will be automatically and periodically converted into BEATS Tokens.


The BEATS token($BEATS) is the governance token of DEBEATS.

$BEATS is not only a game item but cryptocurrency and it’s withdrawable.

It is automatically converted from DEBEATS Points and serves as a prove of players' contributions and performance in the game. BEATS token plays a pivotal role in fostering the development of the DEBEATS ecosystem.

You can trade $BEATS on w3gswap.com.

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