🪙Earn and Use BEATS Tokens

The BEATS token($BEATS) is the governance token of DEBEATS.

It is automatically converted from DEBEATS Points and serves as the Proof of Contribution and Performance of each player in the game. BEATS token plays a pivotal role in fostering the DEBEATS ecosystem.

$BEATS Contract Address: 0xE6D3856f65e82c7a255E75D2D1dA3aeE70E38376

You can check token details on $BEATS on polygonscan now.


  • Unlocking in-game content with a discount

  • Holding to participate in the governance of DEBEATS

  • Staking to gain extra in-game benefits

How to earn $BEATS in DEBEATS?

In DEBEATS, you can earn $BEATS only by converting from BEATS Points.

How to earn DEBEATS Points?

You can earn DEBEATS Points by gameplay and leaderboard.


Every time you finish a game, you will get DEBEATS Points based on your score.

StarsDEBEATS Points per gameDEBEATS Points per game


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You can claim your leaderboard rewards every seven days based on your rankings. The rewards may vary each season and will be announced after the season starts.

The amount of BEATS rewards per season can be found below:


How do DEBEATS Points convert to $BEATS tokens?

Updated on 25th September 2023.

The day after you get the Leaderboard reward, BEATS Points will automatically convert to $BEATS tokens.

Each season, the distribution of BEATS is adjustable. In season 1, on the 29th of September and the 16th of October, 350,000 $BEATS will be distributed among players based on their accumulated DEBEATS Points. (700,000 $BEATS in total)

Your BEATS Amount = (Your DEBEATS Points / Sum of all players' DEBEATS Points) * 350,000

For example, in the past week, we got 10 players on the leaderboard. Among them is Alice, who has collected 200,000 DEBEATS points. The combined total DEBEATS Points collected by all players is 400,000. After conversion, Alice's points will be worth:

(200000 / 400000) * 350,000 = 175,000 BEATS

Use BEATS Tokens

BEATS plays a vital role as a utility token within the DEBEATS ecosystem. It has various use cases within the game:

  • Unlocking Headphone Lootboxes

  • Unlocking Season VIP Pass.

  • Unlocking songs.

  • Transaction fees when withdrawing NFTs or $BEATS (fee usage to be determined).

Trade BEATS Tokens

You can buy and sell BEATS Tokens on w3gswap, supported by Web3Games.

➡️ Go to https://w3gswap.com/

Send BEATS Tokens to DEBEATS

Once you hold BEATS tokens, you can transfer them to the in-game vault by visiting the Token Page in the Game Shop. Ensure you're connected to the wallet associated with your Web3Games player ID and send the BEATS from your wallet to the DEBEATS in-game vault.

Withdraw BEATS Tokens

You can withdraw your BEATS token from DEBEATS with fees. Further details to be announced soon.

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